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Lucy knew that perfection was unreasonable and unattainable, but she wanted to be as close to perfect as possible. She had been going to the gym morning at 5:30 am to workout. She did a mix of cardio on the treadmill, kickboxing, and weight training. After a few months she began to see noticeable differences in her body. She noticed that her arms and legs were getting lean but toned at the same time. Her ass was getting firmer and rounder. Her abs were becoming more defined. She was starting to develop a six pack. Lucy even noticed that her hair, nails, and skin even looked amazing from all of the water that she had been drinking.

There was only one part of her body that Lucy could think of that needed more tightening and toning. She wanted to find a way to work out the muscles in her pussy so that it could be perfect and healthy too. She had saved xvideos from before. From these videos she learned that when women have orgasms the muscles in the pussy tighten and release. She knew that this would be the perfect exercise to tone the muscles in her pussy. The next morning after Lucy left the gym she went home and took a shower. Still was still wearing her towel as she made her way from the bathroom to her bedroom. She took off the towel and admired her naked body in the full length mirror in her bedroom.